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Divided Nation is our latest game, currently in alpha stage, features a world that was once unified by a great man, "General Leo Van de Roe", he had 2 daughters that are now fighting for power and the world is divided in 2 fronts, the Unified East Nations (UEN) and the United Central Army (UCA).

Choose your side, and unite the Nation!

The goal of our game is to be updated every 2 weeks adding guns, maps and whatever our players base votes on our forums. (Link comming soon). So working like this: You want more guns, you cast your vote in the forum, a few weeks later we publish new guns. All of this with no extra cost or anything.

Alpha v 0.0.2 Features:

Complete mountain battle map.

Working Online Deathmatch Gameplay.

AK 105 and M4A1 each in a unique variant.

Next patch will include:


Team Mode.



Planned Features: (Coming Soon)

RPG elements to unlock weapons and customizations like: Collimators, Optical Sights, Silencers, Etc...

Post Effects to reach AAA graphics standars.

Lobby ranking based on K/D (Kill Death Ratio).

Offline Mode.

21 Modern Weapons (No Sci-Fi).

Recoil and Accuracy affecting the gun.

12 Maps for: Short range, Medium Range and Long Range.

Local Lan Mode.

Revamped 3d Models.

And many more!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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